Some would say that Burbank, California is the home base of the entertainment industry. With Warner Brothers, NBC and Disney, among several other media giants being headquartered in the city and with their employees and stars making up the majority of the upper-middle class population, it's really no wonder why. While Burbank is only a ten-minute commute from all of the nightlife and excitement that Hollywood offers, it has retained its own community small-town feel.

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State/Province wants to show you why this city is not only the right place for those working in the city's film and television studios, but why you should take advantage of all that living here has to offer. From top-rated schools and hospitals to the beauty of the San Fernando Valley, there are many reasons to make Burbank your new home.

While Burbank does still have a significant presence in the aviation industry, entertainment really is the name of the game. Walt Disney Studios moved their international headquarters into their Burbank location on Christmas Eve, 1939 and have been there ever since. These are the only studio buildings to survive from the Golden Age of film and the studio exists as the only major film and animation studio that does not offer bank lot tours. If you want to see inside, you'll have to submit your resume to work there!

For those looking for a great place to shop, Burbank's downtown area has been redesigned in the last few years to be a retail location fit for tourists and residents alike. It is a great combination of shops, restaurants and night spots. The Empire Center district is home to the state-of-the-art mall and condo complex, The San Fernando Strip. This is an exclusive shopping center with a large selection of up-scale stores. This section of the city is close to the Bob Hope Airport.

Those interested in the city's small-town feel should head to the Magnolia Park area. This is a neighborhood that was first established in the 1920s, and received more development in the 1940s with housing being built for veterans of the Second World War. Now the downtown area retains this 40s feel in its storefronts along the main streets and is a great place to find antique shops and interesting boutiques.

Burbank is a city full of contradictions. Some would see it as a community that needs to go big, with so many famous faces entering its walls on a daily basis. But for those who make their home in Burbank, it is a close-knit community and haven from the big city all around.

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